True Peace & Tranquility

Sacred Places has emerged into a host location for all those wishing to rent space to teach workshops, host meditations, host an event or simply spend some quiet time alone for personal reflection and transformation.

Owner, Sacred Places
Event Accommodations

Half Day Rentals

Sacred Places is a perfect facility to host your event in a peaceful, quiet location just outside the city. Our most common booking request is the Half Day package - offering our facility for 1 - 4 hours.

Event Accomodations

Full Day Rentals

Spend all day at Sacred Places - our full day booking package gives you access to our entire facility for up to 8 hours. This is a great option for hosting day retreats, workshops, or just a full-day getaway from the city to experience true tranquility.

Tailored Events

There are times where you may need more flexibility between our Half Day and Full Day packages. We often work with event hosts to create the perfect solution to their event hosting needs. For custom event needs, contact us for tailored event quotes.

Upcoming Events