Experience Peace and Tranquility

About our Facilities

Sacred Places is a tranquil property situated just outside the south perimeter at 3000 St Mary’s Rd. Originally built as a personal sanctuary, Sacred Places has emerged into a host location for all those wishing to rent space to teach workshops, host meditations, host an event or simply spend some quiet time alone for personal reflection and transformation.

Our space is 30ft x 30ft. Perfect for activities like dance or yoga. Rentals include access to:

  • A full library of books and CDs for your enjoyment.
  • A mini kitchen, which includes a refrigerator, water cooler, microwave, coffee maker, and kettle.
  • An onsite washroom.
  • A separate healing room should anyone wish to give or receive any energy table work.
  • 30 folding chairs

The base price is $75.00 for a half day and $150.00 for full day. Reservations are made on a first come basis with a 50% deposit via e-transfer upon our commitment to each other.

About the Owner, Vickie Comeau

Vickie began her personal journey about 30 years ago when she realized she was carrying hurt from her childhood and teenage years. She made the decision to start healing and sought out counselling which lead her on a spiritual path.

She began studying about chakras, past life regressions and researching different healing modalities and meditation. Through her meditations she discovered that she had a desire to help people. She went back to school for the Applied Counselling Course (graduating with honour’s) through Red River College and committed herself to studying Theta Healing, Animal Reiki, Usui Reiki (Reiki Master).

Dedicated her life to service she has taken in family members to care for and help get back on their feet. Volunteered as a Big Sister for years to a very special young teen and devoted her time to Age and Opportunity.

Vickie is an Empath and an Intuitive, dedicating her gifts and skills to help the Earth and Humanity. In her own words “I believe that we are here to learn to live our lives from a place of love… to remember who we are and why we have chosen… this lifetime.”

It was Spirit that guided her along with husband Hernan to build a “Healing Centre” in 2015. Vickie lovingly opens the doors of Sacred Places to receive everyone guided to experience the creation borne of Divine Intervention for their own growth and healing.